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Complete communication between equipment

Smart Grid is already a reality in electricity distributors, but the success of smart grids is to have efficient communication between equipment.

With Manager Data, we provide unified management of all of our solutions.


Manage all your Smart Grid through a single online platform


Solution for

It integrates several remote equipments between itself and the operations centers of the electric energy distributors, through multiple communication channels.


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Hardware On Demand

We design equipment on demand to facilitate the day-to-day and optimize the time of field teams.


Who trusts our solutions

Some electricity distributors that have trusted DWF to automate and simplify their daily lives.

I have known DWF for approximately ten years, since Scada was implemented here at Cetril. For me the best word that defines them is honesty. Over these years I could see how much DWF has grown and professionalized. It is a company looking to the future.

Michel Carlos Xavier


For us, Cergral is very proud to visualize and contribute to the costume of DWF Sistemas. DWF Sistemas started its activities and first systems serving Cergral and isso face of our participants. We feel honored and satisfied as clients and partners of DWF Sistemas. Parabéns e successso!

João Vanio Mendonça Cardoso


At present we are partners in solutions of Supervisory System, Communication System and Telemedication System. Finally, I consider that the partnership provides many benefits for the Cooperativa, consequently, helping to provide reliable energy, in a sustainable way, valuing or relating to the quality of life in cooperation.

Luciano Monteiro Tavares


It shows that you really care as a customer and want to strengthen this relationship every day. Diante disso also hoje, Cerfox left for the implantation of the telemedição solution of group A and B gives DWF and we are certain of the certain escort.

André Luís Balestreri


A partnership relationship between DWF and Certhil has been built and strengthened day after day. All trust is placed in DWF to deal with our supervisory system (SCADA), a system intended for the operation and control of all the security equipment of the Certhil electrical distribution system. We are grateful for the commitment of all DWF professionals to share with Certhil.

Guilherme Maier Weinheimer


CETRIL is always looking for the quality of the distribution of electrical energy and for this we need an automation system that provides reliability, agility and security. Through the partnership with DWF Sistemas we get everything. For more than 10 years working together we have a reliable and quality system, with qualified professionals, interested and committed to our needs.

Alberto Ferreira


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The link between automation and software management

Our solutions aim to make the electricity distributors day to day uncomplicated.

Some benefits are:

  • Cost reduction
  • End-to-end automation
  • Increased productivity


Much more than just reports

Software customization

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