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Who we Are

We are a solutions company for automation in the electricity sector

DWF innovates in solutions for automation in the electric power sector, always seeking to make distributors day to day uncomplicated with network management and operation solutions.

Our team makes every effort in the connectivity between hardware and software, through a single platform and completely in the cloud, so we believe that we are making Smart Grid a reality.

Our Story

There are more than 15 years of history automating the electric energy sector.

There are more than 15 years of history automating the electric energy sector.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in the south of Santa Catarina, DWF Sistemas has collaborators specialized in protocols DNP3.0 and NBR14522 ABNT, IEC.

We develop technologies for the COD (Distribution Operations Center) and / or COS (Systems Operation Center) departments, in addition, we are specialists in remote meter reading. We currently have the certificate of solution provider from ORBCOMM, being thus qualified to develop solutions in satellite communication for smart grids also known as Smart Grid. There are already more than 5,000 thousand automated equipment distributed throughout Latin America.

  • Start

    In SC with 4 clients.

  • Fortification

    Present in SC and SP with 9 customers.

  • End of old DWF

    In SC, SP and RS with 25 customers.


    Expansion in Latin America with more than 50 customers.


Generate value for our customers and employees, working in the automation segment, bringing connectivity to the electricity sector.


To be number one in the field of automation for the electricity distribution sector.


Customer satisfaction, commitment, continuous improvement, ethics, respect, empathy and proactivity.


How about making a partnership?

With a focus on innovative technologies and with extensive experience in systems integration for the electrical sector, DWF Sistemas e Automação seeks to develop alliances with the main automation suppliers for the electrical sector.


Specialized team with experience in the electrical sector.

It is the responsibility of the support to monitor calls and provide their resolution, in order to maintain a fast and effective communication with our customers.


10% of sales are earmarked for research and development.

We have been investing seriously in research and development every year that passes even when market conditions are not favorable.

We are sure that it is only through continuous innovation that we are able to deliver solutions that improve the performance and security of your daily life.

Needing help?

Our team is ready to assist you in evaluating, specifying, training and deploying the best automation and software technologies.

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