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The health of your communication channels monitored in real time by the DWF team.

Monitoring the health of the communication channel

The system is capable of monitoring the health of the communication channel of the CONNECT systems, is the main system used internally by the technical support sector of DWF Sistemas, the system allows a detailed analysis of the communication channel in order to work in the prevention / investigation of possible problems between the equipment installed in the field the operation center

Alerts in real time

Generation of alarms in real time, with some artificial intelligence algorithms capable of predicting some possible problems as well as estimate data consumption individually by equipment. & nbsp;

Main Alarms

  • Terminal with frequent Reset Link
  • Terminal with frequent Class0
  • Terminal with missing Class0
  • Current consumption (SAT, SIMCARD and ETHERNET) of the company higher than the daily average of the month
  • Current consumption of the terminal higher than the daily average of the month
  • Terminal with frequent socket reconnection
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