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Technical Support

Specialized team with experience in the electrical sector.

It is the responsibility of the support to monitor calls and provide their resolution, in order to maintain a fast and effective communication with our customers.

Fast and effective


We work with a method of funneling the calls, so DWF is able to support quickly and effectively according to the priority and resolution time of each call.

Level 1

Technical support responsible for performing the services and making or first contact as a customer.

Level 2

Advanced technical support with knowledge in the engineering area for solving complex problems.

Level 3

Technical support at the development level. Team trained to understand the customer's need for corrections / improvements.

Response time per call: 15 minutes

Personalized Service

We have an additional support service with a 24x7 service structure.

Support at any time , regardless of the day or time.

Priority in the service queue and support requests.

Daily monitoring of the DWF team in the contracted services.

Needing help?

Our team is ready to assist you in evaluating, specifying, training and deploying the best automation and software technologies.

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